How Is Cloud Computing Changing Scientific Research?


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How Is Cloud Computing Changing Scientific Research?


Scientists comb through mountains of data each day while researching. Cloud computing has the ability to change scientific research in ways we can’t even comprehend.

If you’ve got a smartphone, the chances are high that you’ve got at least one cloud account to store your pictures and videos. Even if you didn’t sign up for one, most smart devices come with an account included in their software.

Cloud computing isn’t just changing how we store and share our pictures — it’s also having an impact on scientific research. How is cloud storage impacting science and what changes can we expect to see in the future?

A Surplus of Data

Modern scientific research generates a massive amount of data. Things like the human genome take up roughly 200 gigabytes, and that genome isn’t even perfectly sequenced.

Current tools can generate gigabytes or terabytes of data, leaving human researchers scrambling to find places to store it.

A hard drive farm big enough to save that much data would take up most of a room. Cloud computing removes the need for on-site hard-drives, creating more room for experiments or equipment.

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